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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

New Steps

I really liked the look and feel of these steps in my neighborhood.  Years and years of high school students climbed them to reach their school ... my kids included.  They were there for more than 30 years.  They had character.

Guess they didn't fit the look and feel of our "planned" city, because yesterday I walked by and I saw this.

Why is it that less than perfect stuff must be "replaced"?  Those old steps were there for over 30 years.  Yes, the wood was a little uneven because the ground had shifted over time, and some steps were worn, but they worked just fine.

Oh well, guess these new steps will be safer!

Here's hoping they won't be cement!!


  1. Looks like it was a pleasant, sloping walk up with a bit of curve too . . .i can accept changes but some things staying the same seem just fine . . . I would miss the old step climb to school . . .

  2. They probably will be cement..with handrails..and lose all their woodsy charm. What a bummer.

  3. The old steps were charming. I have to wonder if there were safety concerns, or if something new will include handicapped access...


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