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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

You know you are having a bad day when ...

.... when

  • Your husband almost passes out, gets gray and clammy, and falls into his chair so he doesn't fall down.  And you take his blood pressure and it is low, low, low.  And he is on blood pressure meds for high blood pressure. Not today!  So off to the doctor we go.
  • Your cats are diagnosed with Coccidia and you wake up in the morning to stool smears all over your floors and rugs because one of them had diarrhea.  And he is a long haired cat so it is alllllll over his beautiful long hair as well, and you can't get it clean without being bitten.  And you take him to the vet so they can shave his beautiful hair off his butt because it is the only way the poopy lumps are coming off. (Trust me, he tried all night long!)
  • And you are almost out of steam cleaning fluid for your rug cleaner. Timing is everything.
  • And your mother, who was running out of a vital item (don't make me name it here) on Sunday is still running out today, because you forgot to bring her more on Monday.  So a trip back out to Assisted living must be made this afternoon.
  • And you discover your grand dogs, Meaty and Grimmy, had a troubled night.  Meaty also had loose stools and Grimmy dug away at his ear till it bled.  Their papa is taking care of them today, but still it upsets me.
Tomorrow will be better.  


  1. Yes, you are right, tomorrow will be better. That is my prayer for you since that was a rough day!

  2. Oh my word, you poor thing! So much in one day! Hope your husband is OK. Feeling bad for the animals who are having a rough time. I'm always behind on getting things my folks need, so I can relate to that! Isn't it great that every day ENDS, and in the morning, mercies are new?!?!? God bless you!

  3. Oh no! A bad day indeed. Hope it improves and hope your husband, the cat, and the dogs are all much better!

  4. Oh boy.....that is a rough day for sure. Sending positive, healing thoughts your way for a. your nerves b. your hubs c. your kitties and d. your grand dogs.

  5. Oh you poor dear.....too much going on. I sincerely hope the hubby is ok. And the little darlings.....poor things. Tomorrow. As to be better!


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