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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Knitting Update

I am so close to finished on the sweater - it is almost hard to believe.
  I started the project in October 2011 and want it done for that winter.
  Silly me. 
 Here is hoping it is done for this winter.

 All the actual knitting is done.
  I have to sew on these pretty buttons - a perfect match for the color of the sweater.
I have to tie in all the loose ends.

But the button holes are not satisfactory.  I always make terrible button holes.  I actually got out my books to look for new options in creating these holes.  I'll try to put an edge on the holes to neaten them up some.  If that doesn't look good, I will sew up holes and put loops on the band opposite the buttons.  That worked well on another sweater.

The real question is ... how long will it take for me to do that!  
These are not the fun steps that are left!

The fun steps were making these beautiful cables.

One note: the color looks orange.  It is not. It is red.  
I couldn't find lighting that would show the colors correctly.

I am also making some dish cloths.  I love knitted dish cloths. 
They do a fabulous job as cleaner-uppers in the kitchen and they are mindless, fun and quick to make.  Instant gratification.  
Well, instant as in a day or two as opposed to 11 months for a sweater!!

I will also get back very soon to a crochet wrap I started for my daughter.  
Another project that I want done for this winter!!  


  1. Now the dishcloths I have had some success with.

  2. I think that your buttonholes look fine as they are. Good work!


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