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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Love it, hate it, love it

You know, every aspect of weaving for me is such a mystery.  
First you pick the yarns.  I love the lime green Tofootsie yarn.  It is such a cheerful color - bright and sunny.  And love the purple and green yarn that is wrapped on the shuttle. 
 The colors compliment each other so well.  
So I knew these beautiful colors would look great in a scarf together
 and beautifully match my winter coat.

Love it!

So I warped up the loom and started weaving!

In my mind's eye I saw this coming out differently.
I think I imagined there would be more purple showing.
I think I envisioned something else - something I liked more.  
once the warping is done and the weaving begins, it is alittle late to say "ugh".
Better to keep on weaving.  Better to see the finished project off the loom.

Hate it! (sadly)

Scarf is done!  It is off the loom.  
Off to the closet to dig out my winter coat!
Put the two items together!

Love it!!

Weaving is a mystery to me!


  1. It is always interesting to see how different colored yarns combine when they are woven together. The scarf does look great with your coat!

  2. That is something I love about weaving (and spinning) the materials interact and there is a surprise factor ! Perfect scarf for your coat!

  3. You have such an amazing gift to be able to create that look, a perfect match to the coat - you could have bought them together, no one would have known. Nice job!


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