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"Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn't do than by the ones you did do ...
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Sunday, September 16, 2012


The declutter bug has taken hold of me again.  It started with tossing Facebook out my life (which, by the way has been great!  I highly recommend it.)

And then I hired someone to haul away 2 large old TVs, along with an old recliner chair and a short chest of drawers - both of which the cats were using as a scratching posts.

And then there is the treadmill in the basement.  I never walk indoors if I can help it.  Yes, the treadmill still works, but it is one heavy and large piece of equipment that is taking up floor and, more importantly, life space for me.  It must go.

The books had another "go through" and many of them are going to Charity.

This is just the beginning.  These are just the things that are visually in my way each day.  Come this fall, I start on the stuff that is tucked away in closets and drawers and rooms that are not used.  This is the stuff that is not evident because it is hidden, and lingers on year after year after year ...

As each thing exits my life, I feel lighter, happier, more focused on the things that really matter.  Although I see many beautiful images on the blogs I follow - stunning household items that are fun to see - I seem to crave clear surfaces - the look of less.  I find it more calming.

We are in a serious DOWNSIZE mode (again)!


  1. Good for you....I'm with you all the way... I especially like apply it to my own life.

  2. I invite you here to do more of the same. What is it that we want less around us now when we have come from living with more . . .

  3. I had to pin your graphic. I don't consider myself much of a collector of "stuff" but it never ceases to amaze when we go through the closets and put together a donation box. Stuff hidden in closests behaves like a bunny and multiplies.

  4. Doesn't it feel good to be rid of stuff? Think of all the time we use buying, managing, storing, rearranging, and hopefully finally getting rid of stuff. It does weigh you down! I love a good tossing out day :) I'm so glad you linked up with me for Say It Saturday! I hope you come back every Saturday.

  5. Yay! One summer I put one thing in the Goodwill pile every day....and when I ran out of stuff I organized one thing a's probably time ot do taht again.

  6. I LOVE to declutter! I have a bag in the garage that I'm constantly filling. When it's full, it goes to the thrift shop and and new one gets put out. We all have too much stuff, don't we?!??!


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