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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Confession Time

So here is the question!

If you were stranded on a tropical island by yourself and you had a TV set that brought in only one show (suspending reality a bit - because electricity would be a problem) ...

Wait ... let me expand the question.

If you were stranded on a tropical island by yourself, and you had a TV set that brought in only one show, and you had one of those bicycle generators attached to the TV so that you could power the picture with your peddling ...

(you have the picture, right?)

... if you had all that ... what show would you want on that TV?

(time for thinking ...  ...   ... ...)

(this is an important question ... think a bit more)

If you said something like the evening news, I can't help wondering how you got lost reading my blog!

If you said "Dancing With the Stars" you are in the right place!  

Truly, I totally enjoy watching this show.  If you are appalled, please don't let me know. This is a bit of a confession. I love living in my own reality of thinking that everyone loves this show!

And what is not to like:
  • talent - those professional dancers are amazing dancers and choreographers!
  • costumes - in my next life I want to have the body to wear one of those costumes
  • entertainment - they have some great guest entertainers on the show (well, usually - tonight they had Justin Bieber - are all his fans nuts?  The kid can not sing!!)
Of course, admitting that I love "Dancing With the Stars" is something that I usually don't broadcast.  But no one is reading this post, so I am safe!  :-)

Anyway, this week started the new Dancing season!  I am in heaven.

What would be the show worth peddling your bicycle for?


  1. The hubs likes it...I used to but I found that all the behind the scenes drama was irritating beyond belief. I don't think I would have a show I would want to watch on a desert island unless there was one that gave you some input into how to survive.

  2. If I could get new episodes - Doc Martin - my all time favorite. LOL - when netflix got season 5 I spent the day (luckily it was Labor day and I didn't have to work) watching the whole season!

  3. Well, as someone who has watched...and enjoyed...both the Hunger Games AND Twilight, I certainly would not give you grief for liking Dancing with the Stars.

    My show??? The Voice!!! Or Grimm!!! My 2 favorite shows

  4. I would pick As Time Goes By. I watch it over and over again and never get tired of it.

  5. I do really enjoy Project Runway. It is the only reality show that I watch regularly. (But I am wondering if I would miss the evening news more, if I could never watch it?) Oh, and I like some of the comedy shows, especially Modern Family and Parks & Recreation.


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