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Saturday, September 8, 2012

Monogamy is growing on me

Monogamy and crochet - an unlikely pairing.

Right now I am a monogamous crocheter.  Not because I love crocheting, or because I am super good at it.  I am monogamous to this technique so I finish a promised Lacy Cardi Wrap for my daughter.  Monogamy is the only way that will happen, I fear.

I will say that this darn project tests my needlework resolve.  If you don't count the 4 times I ripped out my work and started over, and the 3 times I set it aside so I could complete knitting a sweater, and the 5 wash clothes I just HAD to make because my wash cloth stack was a little low, and the learning to weave (6 scarves, 2 table runners, and joining a weaving club) ... if you don't count all those things .... I am making great progress in crochet!!

An early false start.
I am, however, getting more skilled.  I don't need to use those jumbo eye glass magnifiers any more to see my work or aim an intense light on the stitches so I can see what the heck I am doing. Nope, when I crochet I can honestly say I look competent, comfortable, skilled, confident.  I can actually carry on a conversation while I crochet (talking mostly to myself, swearing, making faces, questioning my sanity, but heck, it is still a conversation!)  Just 6 weeks ago I could hardly breath and crochet at the same time.  Progress.

Of course, there are a few sniggly little details I haven't shared.
  • I still can't read that stupid crochet pattern worth a darn.  I have been told it is written poorly, so that is my story now. Not my fault. 
  • And I only know how to make 3 stitches because the body of the piece is just a repeat over and over again of 3 stitches.  There are some lacy parts coming up, but I'll panic when I get there. 
  • And counting all the way up to 5 seems to be a unexpected problem. The repeated stitch that forms the body of the project requires 5 stitch repeats. Just 5.  But sometimes I have 6.  Sometimes I have 4. *sigh*. I wonder if they will take back my college degree if I can't count to 5 consistently!!
But ... on the up side ...

I think I have gotten past the "totally ignorant beyond measure" stage as a new crocheter, and I am rapidly approaching "absolute swearing-fool beginner" stage!  Yeah!

I am not giving up my knitting needles any time soon, my spinning wheel is really annoyed to be idle,  my empty loom keeps calling my name, and I am purchasing a larger loom in October because I am totally hooked on weaving, but this crochet thing just may be a possibility in the future - after I finish this first project.

Like maybe this project for me!!  I aught to be able to count to 5 by then.
My next crochet pattern?
Current status on the wrap for my daughter.
I think this crochet thing is growing on me.

Maybe monogamy counts for something!


  1. Congratulations on your success so far...when it comes to making a garment out of woolly string I am all thumbs.

  2. some projects are worse than others, aren't they? I think the wrap for your girl looks wonderful. I laughed at your rip-outs and talking to yourself! Sounds like me at times. But, there is something to be said for finishing a project. You go girl!

  3. Absolutely gorgeous! I commend you for not giving up! I am an avid crocheter and my cardi wrap is still in the bag. Yes, I agree the pattern is not written very well, but yours looks great. Almost makes me want to unbury mine :)


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