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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Facebook is gone

... for me.

I joined Facebook in 2008 - I didn't join to "reach out" to friends and family. I wanted to see my kids pictures.  That was where they shared all their photos.  In 2010, I "dropped out" of Facebook for a time.  But I came back again.  I don't remember why.

Now I am leaving Facebook for good.  Many reasons ...
  • it eats up too much time - with no real satisfaction for me
  • so much is just trivia about totally nothing
  • what isn't trivia is lots of political posturing, religious expressions, and uncharitable opinions all of which I find irritating
  • comments are sometimes rude or embarrassing (even when they aren't meant to be
Sometimes sharing on social media like Facebook is counter productive.

So I am leaving Facebook behind for good.  This won't make a difference to anyone, so I won't be missed.

And my kids pictures ... they send me an email attachment of anything they want me to see.


  1. I'm not that brave yet! I do have a lot of Laura Ingalls Wilder friends that I stay in touch with only through facebook. If only we could have a Laura-book...

  2. I enjoy Facebook and connecting with friends and new friends around the globe, and I respect your decision to leave it. We all need to manage our time and decide what to stay with and what to leave. I am glad to see you here.

  3. I Facebook activate and deactivate time and time again. It just doesn't do it for me either . . . The only reason I am on now is that I have made a connection with people from where I grew up. I have enjoyed that . . . But, if I deactivate again . . . That will be my final.

  4. I've also been back and forth. I've enjoyed it more this time as I've participated a bit more. I only stay, really, to catch up with some of my former students. I really don't care what my nephew had for lunch at which fast food restaurant, nor how many cities or farms or pigs or parks my dear sister builds. I love her...but I just don't care! :-)

  5. Have resisted facebook as yet - I spend way to much time on the computer as it is, much of it on ravelry. I thought about joining to see family pictures but like you, everyone knows they have to go another route if they want me to see their pictures! I did just joint pintrest, to share ideas with my niece for her wedding next year. So far enjoying it but worried about the more time thing! I don't have enough time to do what I want to do now!

  6. Haven't gotten into Facebook or Twitter yet...probably won't....welcome back to the dark side.

  7. I so get this. I go back and forth on dumping fb myself. Most of it is just stupid. I loved your "who are you really" post too. It's unfortunate we are 60 before we are confident enough to just accept ourselves. Helping my folks is certainly instrumental in how I'm evolving too. I think it's wonderful that you remain who you "were" w/ your aging mom. I do the same thing w/ mine. Change is just too hard for them.


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