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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Talk the Walk - Update

Woke up today just plain tired - and for a change I slept really good.  
What gives??

I increased my walking in September.  Maybe I just need to take a rest day today.  Sometimes I wake up tired and then get a second wind.  Maybe when I get that second wind, I need to just use it for something else and let my body rest today.

Looking back I can see I am making progress.

May                         11,133 Average Steps (Partial Month - no real goals)
June                         10,306 Average Steps (Goal 10,000)
July                            9,849 Average Steps (Goal 10,500)
August                     10,782 Average Steps (Goal 10,500)
September (to date)  13,000+ Average Steps (Goal 10,750)

White blazes on the Appalachian Trail

Some of this progress is due to the mind games I like to use to keep me motivated.  Mind games are a useful tool in the walker's arsenal - especially when you are starting a walking program.  In August I started virtually walking the Appalachian Trail (walking north) on my blog.  And in September I started on the Appalachian Trail on Walker Tracker (walking south).  The Walker Tracker event is not a race, but I like to note my position with other participants.  I am in 4th out of 14 (as of this morning).  Some have not logged their steps for yesterday yet, so I am probably somewhere in the middle of the pack - which is my usual position in these events.  I like holding down the middle!!

At this point I should meet myself on the trail
 coming from the south
 and coming from the north
 maybe in January 2013.

Anyway the double incentives of walking the trail in both directions have caught up with me today and I think I will lay low.  If I were really on the Appalachian Trail, this would be a rest day spent in one of those 3-sided shelters.  I imagine it would be a rainy day spent waiting for the skies to clear sharing walking stories with other hikers who are also waiting out the weather.  A rest day.

Walking the dogs this afternoon and evening will do for me.  I will share my "walking stories" with them.

So how are you doing on the trail?


  1. I am not doing well at all with walking anyway - you are inspiring however and eventually I will get on it! Good for you!

  2. I started off the summer on such a good walking program. Then my daughter (walking partner) had surgery, we went on a trip, remodeled her new home, and she moved. Now she's back to work (a teacher) and I have no incentive. I know - excuses, excuses! I love what you're doing! Great idea. And great going so far!

  3. I appear to be in second place and I'm still in Maine walking along a big lake called Third Roach Pond.
    I haven't become obsessed yet because I don't feel the urge to walk more and get to first place! : )


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