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Saturday, September 29, 2012


so which one of you is it! 
There will be no negative consequences to owning up.
I just need to know who is doing this.

Getting a full night's sleep is getting harder and harder.  Maybe one night in seven is normal.  Sometimes I can't settle down for sleep, sometimes I get to sleep and then wake for about 2 hours in the middle of the night, and sometimes (my all time "favorite" ... not ...) I wake at 4:00 for the rest of the darn day.  And if I am really "lucky" I can have a mix of these situations.

And, of course, I am tired in the middle of the day as a result ... and, no, I am not a napper.  I have tried.  My eyes are closed, my body is relaxed, but I am not sleeping.

I am trying to determine the cause.

I like the idea above,
 because it puts the blame on someone else
 (so typical in our society, don't you think?)

  Maybe I need more exercise.
Nope ... I get plenty now.

  Maybe my head is filled with worry.  
Hmmm ... sometimes that is true but not all the time.  

Maybe I need less sleep now 'cause I am older.
  They say as we age we need less sleep.
 I definitely don't like that reason. I am not that old!
  And if you looked at my mom, she sleeps all the time!

So, now, which one of you is it?  And how do I get out of your dreams!!


  1. Not me lol...I do all my stalking in daylight hours on the computer.
    Take a book to bed (if I had one of my old insurance text books I'd loan it to you..that stuff would put any insomniac to sleep).

    1. I have tried the book in bed method. Sometimes it works. Sometimes it keeps me up because I have to read "just one more page." I have tried the audio book method - which works too well for getting to sleep, but I wake in the middle of the night listening to several chapters ahead having NO IDEA WHAT IS GOING ON! Then I pop out of bed and spend 15 minutes trying to get back to the right place in the story ... and then guess what ... I am awake!!!!

      Old insurance text book - that might do it and if they had the audio version I would give 2 shakes about finding my place. :-)

  2. Sleep can be elusive after a certain age. I think that's why a lot of older, not you, heavens not you nor I either for that nap. I used to get up and read. Now I just lie quietly and rest and wait for sleep to come again. Fun post about a not fun situation.

    1. I do try to lie quietly, but I find myself constantly trying to adjust my position in bed for some reason. And I hate to disturb my dear husband (who, by the way, HAS NO DARN PROBLEM WITH SLEEP.)

  3. Tis not me! I am innocent. I wonder if a blogger is guilty of keeping you awake in that manner. I sometimes have trouble sleeping, as you describe.
    I am giving away one copy of a funny book about senior moments this week, on my blog. Maybe reading a funny book at bedtime would help you sleep better? It's worth a try.

    1. Well, I did stop by and visit your blog. The book looks wonderful ... so I commented.

      And I discovered strangely enough that I wasn't following you ... I corrected that!! Nice blog you have.

  4. Not me! I haven't slept long enough at one time to dream. Except for yesterday. All the lack of sleep and not feeling well caught up with me and I napped. And had strange dreams. And unless you're a very large bug covered with green armour ... well you weren't in my dream! Yes, I dream strange when I'm not feeling well.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. My, my, what interesting dreams you have!

      Of course, a dream like that would wake me up!!!


  5. I rarely sleep the whole night through and wake up a few times during the night. Most times I just lay there and fall back to sleep quickly. If I can't get back to sleep I still just lay there. I figure I'm still getting rest. I still feel rested when I get up in the morning though so I guess I just don't need much sleep.
    Oh and it's not me - you've not been in my dreams.

  6. I wonder if I am your "sleep stealer". I slept eleven hours last night. A first!


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