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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Sharing the food of the Gods

Meet my Caramel Nut Apple
It is Fall 
(well, it feels like Fall here), 
and it is time for my yearly treat, 
food I consider the food of the Gods.

Tasty caramel and nut covered apple on a stick.
Hense the name!  :-)

Not that stupid red candy coating.
No, no ...  mine has a thick coating of
caramel and nuts.

A tasty bite.
Healthy too.
Apple is good for you.
  Nuts are protein.
Given enough time,
 I could sell you on the benefits of caramel.

The apple is looking slimmer.
(Small thought passed my brain that
maybe I am not looking slimmer.)
Begone Evil Devil Thoughts  

Plate licked clean!
(Yes, I put my tongue on the plate and licked.)
All gone - finished by 11:30 am in the morning ...
just minutes after the apple was carried into the house.

So now
 I am sure you are wondering where the "sharing" part of this post begins.
It doesn't. I lied. 
I had no intention of sharing that lovely caramel nut apple with anyone!

Welcome Fall!!!


  1. You did share the joy! YAY FALL!

  2. Well, at least you shared the pictures.

  3. Yummers, this is the best kind of caramel apple, not that hard red candy kind. That's ok you did not share this time :)

  4. Mmmmm....there's a place in Seattle that has really big, fat, juicy green apples covered with caramel....and they will even cut it into slices to make it easier to eat since they are so big.


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