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Saturday, September 8, 2012

Zebra Butt

So last weekend my daughter and I visited my son at his campground in Southern Maryland.  It is a two hour drive through very nice rural areas of Maryland.   On our way down we passed the most interesting farm called Flat Iron Farm.  Interesting because they have the most unusual array of animals in their fields.  Like the Clydesdale horse above.  Isn't he magnificent.

And there were two zebras.  Zebras in Maryland, USA. Not an everyday sight.  This one wasn't interested in visitors. The grass was more appealing.

BUT this one,  he was very interested in company.  Try to imagine (what really happened) ...  my daughter yelling at me as I leaned over the fence to get the picture to "pull back, pull back"  and "MOM, PULL BACK."  (She is so protective of me.)  :-)  I pulled back.

Gosh, if she hadn't been there I might have made friends with this beautiful creature.

When I pulled back I got this great picture of his butt.   He lost interest in us really fast.  Oh well, how often to do you get see this such a great picture of a zebra's butt.

And in the same enclosure with the two incredible zebras and the magnificent Clydesdale was this Lama - at least I think that is what he is.  He also was into showing off his butt.  He had no interest in us.  I think he knew I was a knitter and I am only interested in his fur.

Anyway, it was a fun trip down, a fun time spent with family, and a fun trip on the return.

Who would have thought we would see such diverse creatures all in one location.


  1. That is a very interesting mix!

  2. Yes, I very much want to comment :) Excellent photos and seeing the rear end of a zebra, has made me realise that this comment has reached the bottom...

  3. I love the giant work horses, and the zebras too.

  4. I love Clydesdales (or any kind of horse, really), but have never seen one housed with zebras! And can't say as I've ever really been able to study a zebra butt, so thanks for that!

  5. Butt, butt,

  6. How unusual, but fun!
    I wonder how they get along-
    all in the same space together.


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