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Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Today I learned to weave-it on a Weave-It Loom!

I am hoping that I am not the only person east of the Grand Canyon who didn't know what a Weave-It loom was before this month. At 63 I kind of thought I knew everything, so finding out about this little gizmo and then finding out that I was pretty much the last person in my knitting group who was clueless about a Weave-It was stunning to me! Apparently everyone (except me) played with this little loom as a child. I think I must have been deprived!

Anyway, one of my friends, Happy One, was working on this little loom and recently showed off a beautiful blanket made from the little squares the loom makes. She was making it from left over yarn. And then I found an article in a magazine that featured the loom, the history and value of items made from a Weave-It. I had to have one - and the fact they aren't making them anymore didn't deter me one bit. I just had to have one now!! Turns out original ones from the 50s can be found on the secondary market, but eBay had a seller who made them - on a "Buy it now" purchase! Click! And it was mine. "Buy it now" was just made for me.

I made my first square today - 1 down, 199 more to go

Thank you HappyOne for teaching me this!!


  1. Looks like fun. I don't think I ever had an actual Weave-It, but it looks familiar. I had some plastic job with a heddle (I think it was called; a plastic piece that was hinged on to the frame), and before that I made the loop potholders with a metal square and a hook. Neither of those is still around. We used things till they broke or wore out or we gave them to younger relatives. At one time I made scarves on a tabletop loom. Who knew such things'd be worth big money some day?

  2. Anita, you should check out this Weave-It. Happy One is making a beautiful blanket. And it is easy and relaxing - even the first time through it wasn't stressful.

  3. Your welcome. Your first one came out like you've been making them for years!! Well done!!


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