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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Back after the wedding

Oh my!

The time is slipping past very quickly.
It is truly a race against time.
Last minute details are being ironed out.

And as if our dear Bride doesn't have enough on her plate
Thursday she is defending her dissertation for her PhD.

Yes, tomorrow!

Two days in advance of the wedding.
And I am planning on attending the presentation.
I won't understand a word she says
but I will be there.
She is an exceptional person
handling exceptional circumstances
with her normal aplomb.

I also discovered just a few days ago that I put on a few pounds
since I bought my outfit in March!
It still fits but not as well as it did!!
So I bought a Spanxs
(something will squeeze those pounds into submission).
I won't breath much during the wedding,
but I will look acceptable!

I'll be back after the wedding with 

Joyfully signing off!

Retired Knitter


  1. Happy Days. Looking forward to the photos...tell your bride good luck with the dissertation from me.

  2. Happy day at the wedding . . . Hold your breath but breathe . . .. Enjoy the dissertation, quite a gal to lump it all in the same week!

  3. Much happiness is wished for the bride and groom on their day and always.
    Enjoy the day. Look forward to seeing the wedding pictures.


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