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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

First you practice ...

Enjoying a pizza after the dissertation defense.

... At getting married.
  They call it The Wedding Rehearsal.  

And they did just that.

Waiting for the wedding party to arrive before the rehearsal.
The last quiet moment before the mayhem. 
Slowly folks arrived.
Wine and snacks were shared.
And then the work began.
"Marching Orders" were given.
We walked up!
We walked down!
We waited for the train to pass.
Checking the script again!
Tons of laughter!
Comment overheard: "Best wedding rehearsal ever."
So, once we were letter-perfect
 off to my house for The Rehearsal Dinner
 - another rite of passage in getting married.

Next time!


  1. What fun . . . it looks like . . . looking forward to more "next time!"

  2. Why does getting married have to be so complicated?

  3. Love how everyone looks so relaxed and like they are having fun!

  4. Looks like a great place to have a wedding! Can't wait to see the rest :)


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