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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Then you eat ...

... at the Rehearsal Dinner!

But first it began with music.

The bride's father sang a lovely song in honor of his daughter's wedding.
Beautifully and touchingly done!
The couple enjoying the music.

The Groom's Cake was a theme from the Disc World Series of books by Terry Pratchett.
For those who need a translation of what their eyes are seeing click the link or:
Disc World is a fantasy flat world used in the series that rests on top
of large elephants
standing on top of a large tortoise.

A picture of the map of Disc World.
 Matt cutting his Groom's Cake.
He is a big fan of Terry Pratchett's series of books.
And guess who baked and decorated this cake in her spare time?
You know ...
all that spare time
between wedding preparations and dissertation defense.
Amazing woman!
That is all I can say.
Next time - shots from a very special day!!


  1. Looks like plenty of food . . . Delightful Cake, (she is quite the woman!)
    And next ?

  2. I just love all the smiling faces! Now to go check out that book series!

  3. I'm so hungry for cake right now! ;)

    Wonderful pics.


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