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Monday, May 21, 2012

Mr. and Mrs.

Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Shanks

My God, they are a good looking couple.
And happiness just radiated from them.

I am not ready to jump back into the blog yet.
  After our busy week (and year), topped off by these two wonderfully happy faces,
 I crashed on the couch yesterday
 and today mom has a doctor's appointment.  
Back to life a usual!  :-)  But not!  
Now I have another daughter.  

But I couldn't wait to post my favorite pictures.
I'll be back with more pictures - rehearsal and wedding next week.
  The professional shots will be several weeks in the future.
  I show a few of those when I get them. 
 But here are a handful of my favorites for you now.

Mom - May 19th is mom's wedding anniversary.
66 years ago she was the bride.

Mom made it to the wedding.
  And as you can see, she was dressed in new clothes, hair done up
 and smile bursting from her face.
  My eyes tear up every time I see her joy in this picture.
  She had such a difficult year. 
 To make it to this point with such happiness was a major achievement for both of us.

Wedding Cake Topper

The wedding cake topper was just perfect.
  The bride with dark brown hair,
 the groom with no hair
 and "the boys", Grimace (Pug) and Meathead (Bull Dog) ...

My husband and I
And then these two old people showed up!!  :-)
We let them stay.
They were dressed nice.


  1. It was everything a wedding should be - so much happiness and love. I am looking forward to more pictures. I, as usual, took along my camera but didn't end up with one decent shot!

  2. Loved seeing the bride and groom! Lovely and handsome . . . right you are . . .

    Loved seeing your smiling mom . . . She looks thrilled to be there . . .

    Loved seeing you and your husband . . . Very nice indeed . . .

    Enjoy your rest!

  3. Your mom looked so happy....I'm so glad she could attend and enjoy herself. The cake topper was brilliant, the bride was beautiful and those old folks at the end looked smashing.

  4. Congratulations on the new daughter! The bridal couple look great as do you and hubby. I love the cake and topper.

  5. Congratulations to the happy couple!! : )
    You sure had great weather!! Sounds like you all had a great time and the wedding was all you hoped for. Happy that your mom got to attend and it's great seeing her so happy.
    Have a good rest. See you tomorrow.

  6. Can't blame you for taking some time to rest up. We have been through this 7 times counting our first granddaughter's wedding. You two look marvelous and your mom is amazing. Congrats to your new DIl on her wedding and her passing her dissertation. I am like you after reading it several times even it is way above my head. Blessings

  7. Just beautiful! Congratulations!

  8. Happy times. We have to cherish them. Congratulations.


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