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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

"No yarn, No yarn, No yarn"

As odd as it sounds, I planned (sincerely planned) to buy "no yarn" at the Sheep and Wool Festival.

I can hear the snickers!
  If I made that announcement prior to the event,
 I would have been laughed right out the state.  

My yarn stash is substantial.  Well, truthfully, it is embarrassing large.  At times it gives me a little panicky feeling.  The last panic feeling was about 3 weeks ago when I updated my yarn stash on Ravelry (online knitters and crocheters data base). The stash has grown since the last count and I wish I could say it was an immaculate conception - but I had added more than I knit.

So I planned to focus on tools and stuff at the fair - and as luck would have it - my cousin's goal was exactly the same.

We succeeded!

So here are some of the things I got.  Some are surprises - even to me!

This first one needs explanation.  Here is normal fringe.
Here is a close up of my very first weaving project
with normal fringe.
Here is fringe that is "twisted"
Here is the Fringe Twister!  One of my purchases.
Oh, and yes, I am weaving now.
This is one of 3 scarves that I have completed.
The Fringe Twister was on my list of things to get.
I liked the festival art this year so I got this apron
and two T-shirts.
Not that I cook much or anything, but it looks great
hanging in my kitchen.
I love this mug.
Can you guess why?
The paw print is from the potter's  dog.
My daughter and daughter-in-law-to-be love this mug
so much that I went back the next day and got
each one of them a mug.
Now before you think that I have TOTALLY lost my mind,
there is something very special about this pot holder kit.
The loops are made of wool.  They make really wonderful
pot holders and totally protect your hands from hot surfaces.
They are wonderful to feel and to use.
In the background are two new reeds for my loom.  In the foreground
is a weaving pattern and yarn that was gifted to me by
my wonderful cousin.
Those are the highlights.

We had a great time.
We enjoyed both days spent enjoying
 the colors,
  the textures,
the food,
the animals,
the artists,
the shepherds,
the visitors,
the pottery,
the whole package of the event.  

It was the best!

I can't wait for 2013!!


  1. I love the "twisted" yarn sister.

    1. I figured out the "reply delete" feature for comments. I liked the look of it on your blog.

  2. Mug is a keeper! Great purchases and good for you . . . pacing yourself on buying more yarn . . .

    1. Oh yes, the mug was a big hit. When I bought mine, they had quite a few. The next day when I returned to buy 2 more, they had 3 left - and then when I left they had 1 left. As for pacing myself on buying more yarn ... we walked in the center of the isles and when one of us began to slip and drift towards the yarn, the other one would use a firm hand to keep us to our promise. :-)

  3. I love yarn. Now if only I knew what to do with it... LOL

    My mom is so great at crochet. I definitely want to learn.

  4. I think it is so cool that you purchased so many wonderful things but did manage not to buy any yarn!

    1. Actually it is a first for me - and a kind of miracle! :-)

  5. We were so so successful at the no yarn but we got some great tools!

  6. You came home with some nice goodies there!! I am impressed that you didn't get any yarn!!


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