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Monday, May 14, 2012

First Quiche of My Life


This is a picture of a quiche!
  First quiche I made in 65 years!
  And it was quite an experience. 

First of all I didn't make the crust.  You need to understand that I don't cook.  I don't enjoy it.  I usually have a glass of wine in my hand when I cook to reward myself for doing this.  If someone commercially can make product that is pretty good, why should I spend my precious moments, minutes, hours making it.  So the dough was made by Harris Teeter.  I unwrapped the dough that was already the shape of a pie pan (I didn't even have to roll it out) and I baked it.

Then I followed a simple cheese quiche recipe: eggs, cheese, onions, green peppers, Canadian Bacon, etc. etc. etc.  Easy.  Nothing special. I put in the oven to cook for 30 minutes (per the instructions)!

That's when things started to fall apart!
  • I checked it at 30 minutes.  It didn't look done. No big deal.
  • I cooked 10 more minutes.  I checked it.  Still look raw in the middle.  hmm....
  • I cooked it an additional 10 more minutes cause who wants to eat raw egg.  It still didn't look done. Crap! (What is the disease you get from eating raw egg???)
  • I gave it 5 more minutes (a total of 55 minutes), then took it out to cool.  It looked like this.  It looked done.
  • BUT, I let is sit for another 5 minutes to let the heat completely set the center - cause I wasn't sure it was really done.

That was a total of 60 minutes!  The instructions said 30.

But it looked pretty - and since I am not doing this ever again (because the stress of possibly eating raw egg is too much for me!!!), I took these pictures.  Proof that I did it once, or whatever.

Oh ... and it tasted pretty good, but to tell the truth, I have had commercially made quiches that taste just as good or better .... so my first quiche is my last one.

I'll leave this up to the professionals!


The wine I was drinking was pretty good ... but professionals did that as well.


  1. You are making me smile at seven in the morning . . . Enjoyed the dome perfected quiche . . . and the mention of wine to aid this "first/one time project!"

  2. I use commercial pie crust as wouldn't want to see mine. Quiche..never did cotton to the stuff but it sure looks pretty and I think I could probably adjust the recipe to fit my requirements. Good job.

  3. I enjoy cooking and cook often. I do use pre-made crusts (like Pillsbury) when making pie or quiche. Crustless quiches are also good. A good test for doneness is to insert a knife in the center, if it comes out clean it is done:-)

  4. Your article held my attention to the very end! Good piece of writing.
    And I've never made--nor eaten--a quiche in my life.
    Maybe I've missed something good?

  5. I've never made one but yours certainly looks perfect!!

  6. I've never made quiche but have always wanted to try. Maybe in a few years... LOL ;)

  7. I thought it tasted great even as a left over. As a regular visitor I am disappointed! Guess I may just need to add it as a possibility for my contribution.


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