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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Yarn, Yarn, Yarn

Just not my yarn!

Tuesday was a Knitting Group Day.  
I told everyone that the Tuesday after Sheep and Wool would be a "Show and Tell Day!
And the restrictions I put on my purchasing did not restrict others!  
(Thank God!)

There is nothing that knitters and crocheters love more
than to show off their yarn and fiber finds,
to have everyone go "ooo and aaaah,"
and to check out what others discovered at the fair.

Knitters gather.

This side of the festival stack.

The other side of the festival stack.
I wish I could let you feel some of these
wonderful yarns.

And while I am doing my own show and tell ...
here are some lovely knitted flowers of one of our knitters.

A beautiful scarf in pinks and gray by other knitter.
The colors of this blanket are very striking in person.


  1. I don't knit, but I love that scarf! Really stunning!

  2. Looks like a pile of goodies - looking forward to some show and tell at my knitting group tonight then another at spinning guild this Sunday!

  3. I have a good imagination...I can feel the yarn. Love the knitted flowers.

  4. Nummers! This kind of get together is where I would have itchy fingers. Oooh, wha'd you get, can I see? What's that? Lovely! (And so on...)



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