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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

April - a memoriable month

Looking back over the month of April, I am amazed by how eventful it was for me.

I made it through the A to Z Challenge.
While this was accomplished by hundreds of bloggers,
 for me it was especially important because I "tanked" just before the finish line last year.

 I turned 65!
 It seemed like a biggy birthday for some reason.
  Not so much for the actual number,
 but because if you think of yourself 10 years from now
 (or 20 years from now as my blog suggests),
 I would be 75 or 85. 
Stop thinking about it. 
Think how great it will be to have those next 20 years no matter how big the number is!
Yes, that is it.  
Mental Adjustment Made!
Celebrate 65!!
Celebrate 75 or 85!! 

I picked up my walking early in the month - but got sick for 2 weeks
 and fell off that stupid wagon again.
I sure am tired of climbing back in the wagon all the time.
I wish my wagon had seat belts.

I reconnected with an old friend from about 45 years ago.
How often does that happen in your life?
For me it was twice - only last time it was with a cousin.

Crossed the 100 followers mark.
Now that is BIG news!
Thank you all for clicking the "follow" button.

Finally, Annie, the African Violet, Lives!!!
She was featured on Day 1 of the challenge.
Look at alllll those beautiful blooms.
I think she likes me!  :-) 
Annie, the African Violet, 30 days later!

Welcome to May!
My favorite month of the year for two glorious reasons.

Reason 1
My son takes a wife this month.  And we love her.

Reason 2
Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival is the first weekend in May!
(High Holy Days for Fiber Enthusiasts)


  1. Happy Birthday . . . I am following you in your journey and I just fastened your seat belt, (mine too). You go girl and enjoy the next ten, twenty and more with some glitz, glitter and "zeewonderful!"

  2. Happy Birthday! Happy Blogging! Happy May!

  3. Happy Birthday....I am hitting 65 myself this fall so I'll be watching to see how you handle it. Great job on the A to Z.

  4. I love May every year but this year seem extra special. Lots of fun events this year, THE wedding, my anniversary, lots of birthdays including mine and MDS&W. Happy May Day!

  5. Happy hubby just celebrated his 70th! I am glad you made it through the challenge and your African Violet looks very happy indeed.

  6. That was quite a month! Happy birthday!

  7. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog! It's been so long since I've blogged with any consistency...but when I do I've always enjoyed when you have thanks :)

    The part in your post about the wagon made me laugh! Seat belts...I'm not even sure my wagon has seats or wheels for that matter! In fact I think someone stole my wagon! Or perhaps I drove it off a cliff somewhere? LOL

  8. Happy birthday to you and many more! sandie


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