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Saturday, October 9, 2010

The last 10

The first 10 goals of my 20 are public. These were the easy ones. These are the ones I can achieve based on my current limitations.

The last 10 goals are beyond my reach right now. They have mostly to do with travel, with further education, maybe part time employment, volunteer opportunties, changes of life style or location ... all of which are impossible because they involve more time away from the home or changes that won't accomodate my family members needs.

So I'll hold off listing anything further for now. These 10 are enough to keep me occupied. Those last 10 can wait until I am more free - or God grants my request for a 36 hour day.


  1. We eventually come to terms. I see that you are doing so.
    I have learned...or lower expectations and subscribe to the 80/20 rule: if I can get 20% done of the 100% I'd like to do, it will suffice.
    Lower standards, so to speak, of housekeeping and cooking and lower expectations of creative outlets and reining in my To Do list and all those opportunities for participation, have made for a much more relaxed and laid-back life for me.
    And I am content.
    While I was caregiving, I needed some outlets and hobbies and such, that I don't seem to need now and have no real interest in.
    I don't even have a goal list anymore.
    "Sufficient unto the day...."

  2. Anita, Great comments.

    I totally agree with your comments regarding to housekeeping and cooking... and I am learning to say no to participation in stuff and backing out of other stuff. But the creative outlets have added so much color to my life and exercise has made me feel better. And the reminders of the importance of family, friends, pets ... they are important to keep on the radar, because for a number of years they took a back seat to a job in my life, I am sorry to say.

    Of course, your comment about caregiving and needing certain outlets is probably true for me as well. Who knows what will be important in the future? For now these 10 are important. Other things I hold in the back of my mind are just impossible now, so I am able to set them aside.


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