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Friday, October 8, 2010

Big day!

Today is a big, big day in Milo-land!

Today Milo starts the day as a sweet heart of a dog, but also as a "man", a "big boy", a "fully hung guy", ready to mount everything and anything, ready to defend his mama from everything and everyone (even moths), guarding his territory, his food, his bone. And he thinks his lady vet is a super person!

And today, Milo ends the day as a sweet heart of a dog, but also as a better pet, a happier dog, a healthier puppy, a more loving member of the family - and less of a pain in the b*tt!! At least that is what we hope in the future. And that super lady vet? eh - not so much!

I am also guessing that he won't be prone to sleep this way in the future - or maybe that is just a dog thing!

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  1. Oh my baby! Mama prays for a healthly surgery!!!


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