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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

A Walk and Chinese Carry Out

I pushed myself out the door right after breakfast. And I am very glad I did. It was overcast and cool. The sun was out but it was so hazy behind the gray mist. But it was perfect for walking.

As I was coming down the last street of my walk I noticed 3 deer munching away on someone's front yard. There are two on the right and one on the left behind the bush. They were so peaceful ... and yet watchful. They kind of looked like the same deer I saw a few weeks ago. All 3 young, but 2 were younger than the third.

I decided to walk up to them. They watched and then slowly moved away. I moved forward, and they kept looking back. Then they slipped around the side of the house away from my view. So in true stalker fashion I went around the opposite side of the house where there was woods (thank goodness the occupents of the house were at work). The deer grew in number to about 10 - all young at various ages. One was a young buck.

In these pictures I was pretty far away. My camera zooms to about 10x (whatever that means) and recently I discovered that if I hold my finger on the zoom again while at 10x, it can zoom in to about 40x. I also know that the pictures were terrible unless I braced against a fence or tree because any movement at that range (movement like the pulse in my fingers, or my breathing) blurs the image. For a point-and-shoot camera, this one zooms great.

This afternoon I went to Tai Chi class - always good for my mood and then we had Chinese carry out for dinner. And the rest of the time?? I sat on the couch knitting a sweater for Mr. Milo.

I am glad that I had today, because tomorrow will be just crazy. Food shopping first thing in the morning, and CVS for a prescription, then out to Bethesda to get Milo for the weekend, and because he has a rash on his leg, I will be taking him to the vet as well, and then after that is settled, I need to go get Matt's dogs. I think I better crank up the crock pot tomorrow morning.

Little chance of blogging or a walk on Thursday.

Just another crazy Thursday.


  1. You got some good pictures of the deer. I also like to walk up to them slowly to see how close I can get.
    I'm glad to see the sun out today. :-)

  2. Such lovely pictures! So much prettier than looking through my stinkbug covered windows at the 32 turkey vultures sitting on my neighbor's house and garage....

    I hate nature...;-)

  3. Lovely photos. You are lucky to have deer near where you live. I recently moved to the countryside but have yet to see any deer.


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