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Friday, October 8, 2010

Walking the Lake

Today I got the rare opportunity to walk Centennial Lake. I left Milo at the vet's this morning (he wasn't all that happy), and I hurried to a Tai Chi practice. I was late, but able to practice for maybe 30 minutes. The picture was taken from a distance and under the tent it shows a few of the Tai Chi members practicing the movements. It is a beautiful and peaceful place for Tai Chi.

When practice ended I took off for a walk around the lake by myself. The sun was brilliant, the lake follage was beginning to show its colors. I was thrilled to have 45 minutes alone to enjoy a beautiful walk. Crisp, cool, clear.

How wonderful it would be to walk this lake every day.

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  1. Oh it is, it is!! I know I am so lucky to live where I do.


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