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Saturday, October 30, 2010

I love a Marching Band!!

Today I was rewarded big time for walking around 9:30 am. A marching band was parading right along my walking route! How great is that!!

Hammond High School, the neighborhood high school for our area has a Home Coming Parade every year in mid-October. This year I figured I had missed it because it was already October 30 - and no parade! When I started out I could hear the drums in the distance. I was thrilled.

The football team participates as well. No marching in step for them.

And then there are the cheer leaders. Guess the little short skirts are too old fashion for them.

They take a route through the neighborhood every year. There are floats and cars with the Home Coming Courts for each class. They also get a police escort so that traffic can be held up for the passing of the parade. Since I was on foot, I could see some of the drivers who had to wait. Some were enjoying the parade. There were others who seemed annoyed that they had to wait - (the wait was probably only 15 minutes). But I couldn't help feeling annoyed with the drivers who weren't enjoying the view. Here we have a small positive demonstration of the effort and talent of our upcoming generation. The kids weren't being loud or disruptive. They weren't causing any damage. They were celebrating, and sharing their celebration with the neighborhood. There is just no pleasing some people. Thankfully there were far more people just like me who were enjoying the parade.

It brought back memories because my daughter was in Marching Band when she attended Hammond High School. I have tons of pictures of it and wonderful memories.

This is part of my fall as well. How many people are lucky enough to have a parade march through their neighborhood ... right by their house ... like I do every year for the last 25 years!

I so love a marching band!!


  1. Oh what a treat for you. Did you join in the parade? :-)
    I didn't even know they did this every year!!

  2. Sounds like my favorite kind of parade - I love the home town variety as opposed to the big city parades. Nothing like a marching band to make you feel happy and perky!


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