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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Mo Writes: Canine Epilepsy...

Mo Writes: Canine Epilepsy...

Please take a moment to check out Maureen's wonderful blog posting on Canine Epilepsy.

Our dear Meaty, suffers from this condition and it affects so many lives beyond his own. He started an added medication just yesterday to help control his ever increasing seizures, and he is in the adjustment period now.

Hard on him and hard on us, but necessary.

He is hands-down the best English Bull Dog ever! (and my first born Grand Dog).

I love you, Meathead!!


  1. Meaty is a very very handsome bull dog even when a bit under the weather. All they want is our love and it is very hard to not be able to explain that what we are doing for them and to them is for the best, when they can't understand. Take care of yourselves as well as dear Meaty.

  2. I love my Meaty too! The most beautiful bulldog in the universe!!!

  3. Well technically he's not the first "born", that would be Grimples. He is the first dog in our immediate family and he started our obsession with smush-faced mutts!


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