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Monday, October 11, 2010

Ahhh! Fresh air, ducks and Tai Chi

What do you have when the morning air is cool, the sky is blue, the ducks are singing and the trees are beginning to show their fall colors?

What you have is a perfect day for Tai Chi in the park - made more perfect because it was Columbus Day and a holiday for our Tai Chi instructor - who came to our practice!!! I tell you, this Tai Chi outside could become habit forming!!

Here is our instructor leading the group through a difficult movement.

So this move looks easy, but I can tell you, it isn't! Balance, balance, balance. That is what it is all about along with lots of concentration. Our instructor makes it look easy. Guess if you have been doing this sort of thing since you were a child - it should look easy.

We are looking really good here! At least I think so.

But this move is just prior to another one legged balancing move. When I am doing this, it is right about here where I am thinking ... "ok, now concentrate, don't embarrass yourself, don't pinwheel your arms, don't think about anything but balance, balance, balance."

Sometimes that works, sometimes it doesn't. That is why I am taking the pictures! ;-)

Our instructor has such grace.

This move isn't that hardest one, but getting the weight on the correct foot is critical for me. I am forever trying to put my weight on the front foot, and then trying to slide on the front foot. Take it from me. Back foot for the weight, front foot for the slide.

Anything else ... failure!

You would think that the knowing and the doing would go hand and hand.


The beauty of this lake can't be overstated.
It is the perfect back drop to the peaceful practice of Tai Chi.


  1. You won't be surprised when I say I was there early this morning. :-)
    See you in the morning.

  2. This is my favorite time of year! Last weekend was just spectacular - perfect for the outside wedding I attended and the hour drive to Spinning Guild.

  3. The scenery is lovely; it must be breathtaking in "real time".


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