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Saturday, October 16, 2010

Blogging Journey

I feel like a teenager who is counting the monthly anniversaries of the person they are dating!! Too silly, really. But it has been almost 3 months since I started blogging!! Who would have thought!

Blogging is an interesting experience. I always thought that blog "talk" existed within a limited sphere: the posting, the comments and building a list of readers who "follow" publicly. But it is so much more. Almost daily I hear from someone who has visited the blog - leaving no trace that they were there, but who drop me a private email or stop me in person to comment on something I wrote or a picture I took. I am thrilled when I hear from a family member or friend, but I am very excited to hear from total strangers as well. In fact, most blogs I visit are created by people I have never met and yet we have developed a kind conversation about events in our lives and shared interests. It is great fun.

This week I had a real surprise. In a previous post I spotlighted a crock pot cook book by Stephanie O'Dea called Make It Fast, Cook It Slow. And the author actually commented on my blog post. I was thrilled. What a generous gesture for her to make. It was just one more surprise in the blogging journey.

Now I won't say it isn't a thrill to see my list of public followers grow (I am up to 13!!!) But it seems like public followers are just the tip of the iceberg in this whole blogging process. To someone like me who is pretty much tied to the house, this has been a great way of reaching out to people and hearing back from them.

Thank you all who have become public followers. I love it (not that I am counting or anything, but 13!!!) A huge thank you to those of you who regularly comment. As you know if you read a previous posting, I am a big pod cast listener. Pod casters always plead with people to leave comments in iTunes for each recording. I think I better understand why they want comments. The process of blogging and pod casting is somewhat similar: it is a one-way communication. It is so much more fun if it becomes a conversation.

So if you are reading this posting, don't be shy! Use that comment box. And if you really want to make my day - become a public follower! Have I told you recently that I have 13 public followers so far!!!

Not that I am counting.

Oh no, not me!
I am not counting.
I am not obsessive at all.

As my son's girl friend said so eloquently when she shared an article she had written with family and friends ... "Stop Shameless Self-Promotion". :-)

And I responded with: I LOVE shameless Self-Promotion ... obviously!!

Thanks for stopping in!


  1. I love my little visits with you via your blog. It is an interesting process. When I do manage to get a blog written it feels like a similar process to my habit of getting someone to just listen when I am trying to work something out. Somehow saying it out loud or writing it down clarifies a situation for me. I am really enjoying reading yours!

  2. I enjoy reading all your posts. Nice to know you in person too. :-)


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