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Sunday, October 31, 2010

The Haunted House

Happy Halloween Everyone!

And yes, there appears to be a haunted house in my neighborhood. They have a sign out side and everything. I walked by this house all month wondering if they planned a haunted open house - like the sign said. Did they have an actual website? Is this a string of haunted open houses? Questions, Questions.

So today, on Halloween, I checked the website listed on the sign. I am so gullible. When you key in the website address in google, it directs you to a site that sells Halloween stuff - and this sign is one of the things they sell - and they are "Sold Out" of the sign. :-)

So it appears that this sign is just one of the many decorations for this house.

Pretty darn cute. A real "trick".

Doesn't look too haunted to me!

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