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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

No shortage of enthusiasm

Just a shortage of time and energy.

I have massively scaled back my activity tracking to something that I can maintain easily - without getting an ulcer and added gray hair. I am still striving to walk, to do Tai Chi, to stretch, but I am not breaking it all into little pieces and documenting in a bunch of places.

So here is the plan.

I will track 2 things - average steps for the month and percentage of steps that are aerobic. These 2 numbers are easily gotten off of Walker Tracker. I am going to stop documenting in Map My Run. Tracking my activity in 3 places is just too hard to maintain. The Tab called Walking Report Card will hold that information.

Using Walker Tracker I can convert any other activity into steps so it is a consolidated number - a reflection of everything I am doing - when I report it at the end of the month.

I was doing great in September and I am doing not-so-great in October!!

Tomorrow is another day! Onward! ;-)

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