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Sunday, June 19, 2011


This week I am starting again - Curves and Walking. It is on my calendar and it must happen.

The flower picture is just to put a cheery face on my sad state of affairs! But it is a pretty good picture, don't you think?

Fitting my stuff into mom's home care visitor schedule, her morning tasks, our scheduled other commitments, regular to-dos ... finding time for me has proved to be hard. I am totally de-conditioned. Again.

And this time I am the mother of the groom, so I must get back in shape.

So I am following "Happy One's" lead (again) and blogging about my walk once in awhile and documenting it in pictures. If you haven't had a chance to visit her blog, Life is Good, you are missing out. She shares her daily walks and bits and pieces of her life - alot like other blogs do but her focus is consistently - as her title suggests - Life is Good. We don't hear enough of that now adays.

Again I am taking my normal walking route around the neighborhood and again I am seeking out visually appealing snapshots to share ... and there is always something that catches the eye. And again, I am appalled after walking only 15 minutes how much stamina I have lost. But I push on anyway.


Here is the view from this day's walk.

I usually try to avoid these beautiful walking trails in our city. They are beautiful, serene, and a treasure for those who live nearby, like me, but they are somewhat remote. I guess I watch too much TV, but taking these trails is rare for me because they are outside my comfort level ... except today!
The trails are sprinkled with well maintained playgrounds. I seldom see anyone using them. Guess they are too remote for most people.

The trails frequently spill out into familiar neighborhoods just like this path did this afternoon.

It wasn't the longest walk I have ever done (29 minutes) or the most steps (3556), but I did get out the door on a day when I was feeling pretty down, and I returned feeling more reasonable.

Day 1 completed (again).


  1. Good for you. Great shots too.

  2. Hurray! You started "again". I do that every time I make the effort :)
    When I was a caregiver, I lost myself to a great extent. You need to do things for yourself, too. I know it's a challenge, among all the other challenges.

  3. Way to go. I'll encourage you along the way and hopefully some of your dedication will rub off on me.

  4. Life is a process! Your determination is inspiring. OK, tomorrow morning, before work I walk!

  5. Glad to hear you are walking again! : ) and thanks for those kinds words about me and my blog.
    I love walking the paths and being surprised at where they come out. I've been walking those remote paths for years and have NEVER had a problem.
    See you tomorrow.

  6. I came here via Chatty Crone's blog. Your name made me curious because I am a knitter. I've only read two of your posts so far and am commenting on both so it looks like I am hooked already. :)

    I have been trying to tell myself that I need to walk daily and have made all sorts of excuses so today's post hit home with me. Not that you've been making excuses, but that someone with more on their plate is finding the time so I should get my rear in gear.

    Thanks for the push. I think.

  7. Great that you are walking again! This trail looks fantastic, very peaceful. I love the pictures.

    And thanks for the link to the Life is Good blog, that looks like a great one and I'm glad to have discovered it.

    Looking forward to following along on your walks! :)

  8. Welcome back to the world of walking! Go slow, don't push yourself too hard, you could end up quitting because it is too much. You don't want to quit, you are Mother of the Groom! You've started and that's where you will draw your strength. This time, you won't quit...You Are Mother of the Groom! I've lost nine pounds since May 1st and up to walking just about 30 minutes most days. It's not much, it is a start, I worked up to it. It is a struggle each day. Happyone motivates me as well.


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