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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Curves - mine!

Now that I have captured your attention ....

This post is not about my curves ... really, they aren't that interesting. And pictures of them would be most disappointing.

I returned to Curves after an absence of 2 months. Technically I visited twice in May, but we were not out of the woods with mom's medical stuff then. So May visits don't count.

I typically go in the afternoon - between 2 and 4. The area is pretty deserted at that time just like today, and it is how I like it. You have the freedom to start anywhere in circuit and stay on individual pieces of equipment as long as you want.

I really like Curves. It provides me the toning and strength that walking doesn't give me. Walking and Curves are like two sides of the same coin.

I love the look of this wall painting in the studio. Starting on Saturday, my daughter and I are going to return to Weight Watchers. We are going to get svelte and be just gorgeous for the wedding in May 2012.

This will be me and my daughter in 10 months!!

Woo Hoo!!

I think I will be the female in the purple top. She looks alittle older than the girl in the pink top (who will be my daughter), don't you think? Or maybe she has Mumps! Look at those cheeks.

Or maybe I am just delirious with the rush of circulating blood surging through my veins!

Here is a poster that hangs in the studio.

I find the message oddly relevant for me as I love French Fries ... except that I prefer my French Fries straight ... straight from MacDonald's.

They have the best fries and I always ask for extra salt!

Ahh, ... simple pleasures.

But this poster is a reminder that as the future "mother of the groom", I will need to give those little gems up in favor of carrot sticks or something.


So here I am at the end of my work-out!

Those are my feet! And those are my Curves shoes. Yes, I have Curves shoes. The studio wants you to use clean shoes on their equipment.

I managed to capture this picture of my feet, when no one was looking. You can imagine just how odd it would seem with me working out on the equipment, holding a camera pointed at my feet and snapping a picture.

How would I explain that??

"I take pictures of all my shoes." or "I love my feet. They are my best feature." or "Wow, look at those leg muscles. Must take pictures." :-)

No, better to just sneak a picture with no comment.


  1. Okay. You've convinced me. I'm gonna do it, too! Can't believe my doctor put me down as 'overweigh.' He's no bigger than a minute -- where's his comparison??? Thanks for stopping by Rockin' Chair Reflections (my other blog).

  2. Wow!! Dieting, exercising, giving up fries. You are an inspiration to us all. STOP THAT!!! lol

    OMG would you believe your letters were codsmog??? That's a heavy fishing day for sure.

  3. I know it seems extreme ... diet exercise, ugh! But the exercise is somethng I wanted to do anyway as it helps me with stress and sleep. The dieting, well, I HATE dieting because I hate focuing on food. That always backfires for me. But my doctor did want me to loose a few pounds for health reasons, and I would look better in pictures for the wedding, so I guess I am in all the way.

    We will see how well I do ... 'cause I will chat about it (screeming my success or wailing my failure).

  4. I wouldn't give up the your fries altogether though. You will only crave them. Just have a small size ONCE in a while. : )
    I have learned NOT to give up any particular food that you really love.

  5. Nice to meet you Elaine. Our lives are not that different. My mom lived with us for three years, but now is in assisted living. I care for two of my grandkids daily, and exercise has become a dirty word. My idea of exercise lately is unloading the dishwasher. I think we'll be good supporters for each other.

  6. I did Curves for years and loved it - but mine closed and I just let it go. It was great exercise and good friends.

  7. Well, I did walk that one day this week! You are an inspiration Elaine (and you have great looking feet!)

  8. Yay you! Keep your momentum going, you will be one hot Momma of the Groom!

  9. Ack we only have 10 months?! Kinda regretting that ice cream sundae I just ate....hmmmmm.....might be time to find my gym card....


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