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Sunday, June 26, 2011

My Sunday Walk

A Normal Day!

Yes, they do occasionally happen to me. So that means nothing special happened to write about.

It seemed like a good day to spot lighted my walk and the beautiful community I live in.

Having lived here for 25 years, I sometimes forget just how lucky I am to have such wonderful and safe places to walk. Looking at the pictures I took today reminds me to be grateful.

Much of my walk looks a lot like this. Neighborhood streets that are devoid of cars and people. I don't mind because the neighborhood is well maintained and safe. But if I was walking around one of the local lakes, I would see a lot of people

And I get a kick out of seeing some of the houses. This flag hangs outside a pretty traditional house. House flags seem to be common in my area but this one was very different.

Most houses go more traditional when the choose to decorate, such as this house. Looks like they are planning for the upcoming 4th of July.

Today, once again, I chose to step out of the neighborhoods and take some of the back paths. All are beautiful. I don't do this often because some are very remote. But they are also very worth the trip.

This time the paths I chose ran very close to the backyards of homes. I felt very comfortable.

My walk ended back at my townhouse. This is the view of the terraced front area. As you can see, the townhouses in this group are up on a hill away from the parking areas. It is the main reason we chose this location. In our previous community, the headlights of the parking cars would shine in our windows. I loved the idea that we were away from the street. The downside is that you have to climb those steps when you are moving all your worldly possessions in, climb the steps when you have a car full of groceries, climb the steps when you are 85 years old and your daughter thought it would be a good idea for you to move in with her. :-) You get the idea.

Our townhouse is on this little hill. Not so high up, but still high enough to be a barrier for my mom. Those darn steps have kept our legs strong over the last 25 years - so there are positives.
This last picture shows the back of a group of town houses. Townhouse living has it pluses and minuses. The minuses are that you are very close to your neighbors. So if someone isn't so keen on keeping up their property, you have to live with that problem close up and personal. Thankfully, our community has managed to maintain the exteriors ... if the back sides of the town homes look good, you know the community cares about their neighborhood and property values.

Yes, I am very lucky! A nice community even after 25 years!


  1. Ahhh there is nothing more wonderful than an ordinary day.
    Your community looks just lovely and so peaceful.
    I wish you many more ordinary days.

  2. What a lovely area for your walks! I love living in the country, but we can't take walks on our property this time of year. You run the risk of being carried off by mosquitoes and deer fly. Ugh...

  3. Yes, an ordinary day is like a little jewel for me now-a-days. I will never ever complain about being bored again. Normal routine stuff is now what I crave. And Sunday was one of those days.

  4. We are so lucky to have such great places for walking and I thank God every time I'm out walking. : ) I'm sure I've walked on the path in the picture. I used to walk on paths to Kings Contrivance and then Ken would pick me up there.

  5. It is relaxing reading your blog. We lived in an apartment then we went to a townhouse, now we're in a ranch style house with no steps. We had too many years of those up and down 3 levels. Now, we couldn't give up our yard and garden to go back to townhouse or apartment living. I suppose it is all in what you are use to and happy with!

  6. Your townhouse is lovely. And the first flag - what a hoot in a neighborhood - each to their own I guess. I like the neighborhoods where they have that path at the back of the houses so everyone can walk safely. Go get your button!

  7. what a great neighborhood to live in and get to enjoy. it's nice to get to step out of reality every now and again and just go for a nice walk. :)


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