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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

My Best Friend

(Here is Grimace with his best friend, me.)

Everyone has a "best friend". My best friend is a Pug named
Grimace Roberto Geronimo Shanks.
He also happens to be one of my grand-dogs.

(Here he is in his "Hawaiian Guy" costume.)

Grimace came to our family at the age of 3,
being adopted from a Pug rescue group.
He came with the name of "Bud",
but who wouldn't change that to a more substantial name like
Grimace Robert Geronimo Shanks.

We know very little of his history before lucking out by going to our family.
But an individual that could give up that face,
didn't deserve to own it in the first place.
And now he has a papa, a mama-to-be, a grandma and an aunt as well as a very grand name.
And that is just part of his extended family.

How do I know that he is my best friend?
That is easy.
Of my 3 grand dogs,
Meathead loves me dearly, but he would choose his papa over me.
Milo loves me dearly, but he would choose his mama over me.
Grimace ... hands down!
He would choose me over anyone else in the whole world.

(Here I am sharing a very interesting and engrossing topic.
Here he is waiting for me to say words like "dinner", "walk", or "cookie".)


Grandmas should love all their grand-dogs equally.
I do.
But sometimes one raises to the level of a Best Friend Forever!

Grimace and I are clearly BFFs!!!


  1. He's adorable. Who wouldn't love that face.

  2. He certainly has one long name! : )

  3. My very favorite dog in the world is a pug. We have tried 3 times and have been allergic to all and have had to find homes for them. This last time we got Disco - a mix - and a rescue dog - I've been able to keep him for a year!

    Anyhow rescue dogs are the best.

    And yes grandma sometimes we do have favorites.

  4. He's got love for you written all over his face. Makes you wonder who rescued who? =)

  5. I have a grandpuggy named Bazil. Personally, I think he should have been named Rathbone. Though I love him, I don't think he thinks of me as fondly as your grand-dog thinks of you, unless I have a milkbone in my pocket.


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