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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Sidewalk Fun

When I was a kid, I loved to draw on the sidewalk with chalk.
I loved the game of Hop Scotch.
I loved the colors and the festive look of the ugly sidewalk after I was finished with it.

So when I found a piece of chalk left behind by a neighbor child, I couldn't help myself.


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  2. Very cute! I'm sure Milo will love it! Julie

  3. I love hop scotch. Once in a while I see one drawn on a sidewalk on a walk and I always jump in the squares as I walk by.
    We both did a kid thing today! : ) I played with caps.

  4. now that's one i haven't done yet, Elaine!:) but i talk all day long to`m. had i written that, i think i would bring them out to see it and THEN read it to them.

    you did that too....right? i would have:)

    wonderful news about your mom on those stairs too!

  5. As I commented to HappyOne, fun is where you find it. It's good that you were open to it.

  6. Oh my goodness - I loved that - still have some old play in you - me too! Thanks for stopping by today. I looked over your blog - we have a lot in common!

  7. How sweet, you have such a young and fresh spirit. Now I want to draw on the sidewalk!


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