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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Pleeeaase take my button!

Before you can blink your eye, I changed the look of my blog again. Actually, I did have help from two fellow bloggers ...

It all began with a "button" quest! I wanted to be button-enabled! What is that exactly? Check out the right side of my blog and you will see a button that says "My Next 20" with red flowers. That's my button and I want you all to take my button and put it on your blog. Yes, it is shameless self-promotion, but isn't it cute? Don't you want my button? Of course you do! :-) Once the button is installed on your blog - it looks pretty there too. And then if someone clicks it, they are directed by to my blog ('cause its all about me, you know - LOL).

Anyway, back to the journey ... so I asked Chatty Crone, a blog friend ... how do you get one of those button thingys? If you haven't seen Chatty Crone's blog, you should. She most generously shared the name of a fellow blogger who might be able to help. That blogger is Diane at The Blue Ridge Gal Blog (who, by the way, has a wonderful deer and fawn video you must see.) And Diane spent time putting together a suggestion for both a header and a button! Can you imagine? I am just drifting by her blog making a request and she went to work!! It is an example of how friendly and generous the blogging community is.

And the rest is history! It started with a button and it resulted in a new face to my blog ... and a button!!

And I am thrilled with it. This new face is cleaner and not so busy. And it is more personal.

Thank you Diane. You are the best! I love my new face!

It is like a face lift!

Wow, Diane, I just had this crazy thought!

Do you do other face lifts ... to faces? I could use one of those too!

Happy Blogging Everyone ...

... and take my button ... please!!



  1. wow, it looks great-especially the header! now how did you get it to that size?

  2. Love, love, love it! And I will take your button!!

  3. I love your new look, then again, I loved your old-new look with the green too. I like what you like, IT IS ALL ABOUT YOU!! I saw a blog with all buttons, they all led to different blogs. Not sure if it was Chatty Crone, don't remember. What a coincidence, I asked for help on my blog today. Hopefully, you can be the friend to me that Chatty Crone and Diane were to you if you pay a visit to my blog today.

  4. Isn't she nice? And I am taking your button!

  5. Wow, I totally love your new look! The pictures in the header are fabulous. Great job! And the button is great too, I've wondered how to get those myself.

  6. Wish I could do the other kind of facelift.... I'd place own face at the top of the list!

    Glad to put a smile on another blogger's face!



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