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Thursday, June 16, 2011



Seems to be what I am most of the time.

There is no doubt that mom's hospital stays put me in a sleep deficit. The hospital provides everything you need to get well ... except rest! When you think on it, it is amazing that anyone gets well there without rest. Rest is God's way of replenishing the body. It seems to be the first thing we humans take away when we go to the hospital.

And then there are the nights at home. I sleep well about every other night. It has been like that for about a year. I guess I could ask for a sleeping aid, but I don't think that is the answer. I would be concerned that I wouldn't be alert if mom needed help during the night. So a sleep aid is out.

Exercise is probably part of the answer ... I have slipped off the exercise wagon this spring. I have had many starts, but in keeping it up I fall short. Maybe if we could get out from under the health care visitors we have each week, and I could give up house cleaning, and I could hire a cook, and mom's own exercise needs weren't such a priority for me, and the heat wasn't so oppressive when I do have time, and I wasn't such an excuse maker! Maybe Exercise would be the answer. Maybe.

Maybe I just need to get more sleep. Energy for everything else would fall into place.

Off to check my to-do list for today.

Wonder if I added "rest" to that list, could I do it.



  1. I feel for you my dear. I've been sleep deprived for years. Power naps are the answer...short ten minute naps. Slip them in whenever you can.

  2. My mom always said, if you are not sick going into the hospital you will be sick coming home - lol - sick and tired. Get some rest.

  3. It's hard, but try to get a little nap when you can...I know easier said than done!

  4. Hope you find time for a walk and get that much needed sleep that you need.

  5. You certainly won't get rest in a hospital. My Mom said she had never been poked and prodded like a Thanksgiving turkey all hours of the day and night as she was during her stays in the hospital. My walks are about 15-30 minutes, they help clear my head, I sleep like a baby. I hope you find the rest you are seeking.

  6. The exercise wagon and the diet wagon are 2 of the easiest wagons to slip off of. And I should know, I'm an expert "slipper offer" of both.


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