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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Mother of the Groom

That is me!

Or will be come May 2012!!!

I have never been the mother of the groom. I have absolutely no idea what is expected. I was a bride once, and my mom helped me, so I have some idea what the mother of the bride does. Of course, that was 42 years ago. And my husband and I were very young. Weddings then were primarily managed by the bride's family - especially if the parents were paying. I would assume that young couples today may still share the controls with their parents if they are young ... but more mature couples ... I am guessing that the whole process in very very different from my personal experience.

What to do! To start with I have offered my help! I am good at taking direction. There is always tons of stuff that needs to be done. (I am not sure what that will be ... I am such a novice.)

And then what!!

Buy a book!! Of course. That is always the answer for me.

And I love They have absolutely everything. I typed in "Mother of the Groom" and up popped a list of books on this very topic (who knew). I guess I am not the first one to ask this question. This book was at the top of the Amazon list!!!

Mother of the Groom by Sharon Naylor
One Click Purchase - and it is mine. Click!!

At Amazon's invitation, I decided to look inside. I skimmed the chapters headers.

Part 4 You Look Beautiful


I will need to look beautiful?? My brain began to race. I must loose weight. I must get a dress, I must have fancy shoes, I guess I will need to get my hair done. My nails are a mess. Maybe I need to get my teeth whitened. Eyebrows plucked. OMG!! ... I will have to wear makeup and panty hose. No!! I haven't done any of that for a long time! Eleven months can pass in a blink of an eye!!!


Thank God I am getting a book!!

Any suggestions from my readers? I am eager to hear your experiences.

One sane thought just occurred to me - no one will be looking at me!! They are all looking at the bride!

Calmness ... all will be well, because she is beautiful without any extra fuss!
My son is a very lucky man!


  1. Make sure that book was published recently. You don't want to be going by outdated information.
    I wonder if Erma Bombeck wrote an instruction book for mothers of the groom? I have feeling there would be some sensible (if humerous) advice if she did.

  2. Our 22 year old son has been going with the same gal for almost 2 years. We're sure they have marriage plans for when she graduates from nursing school. I can't help out. Sorry. But...maybe you can help me when I'm mother of the groom?

  3. No advice from me if you can believe it - but good luck!

  4. Congratulations! You've got plenty of time to figure it out and lots of published and internet resources. You'll be fine, don't sweat the small stuff.

  5. They are such a lovely couple! I have no advice but I would be happy to help!

  6. Congratulations Elaine! Not to worry, everything will turn out wonderful! Your daughter in-law is lovely and she's very lucky to have you! She'll probably select a color scheme and you'll try to work around it. If you wear a long skirt or dress, then you can wear comfortable shoes, and don't have to worry about shaving your legs! You'll look radiant!

  7. OMG - I forgot shaving my legs!!!!!

    What else have I forgot?


  8. Hahahaha..."shaving your legs!"...too funny!

  9. I was a MOG last October. I have a wonderful daughter-in-law and her parents get along with hubby and me so we didn't have any of the behind the scenes turmoil that some people talk about.

    A friend told me that as a MOG I was expected to wear beige, write checks and keep my mouth shut. Hmmm, not my style. I wore silver (pearl gray with sequins on the lace), sang badly on the dance floor along with everyone young enough to be child and happily paid for our part of a great event.

    Want serious advice? Find comfortable shoes. If you have one pair that are less than perfect in comfort but are perfect for your dress and entrance, find something to change into later.

    Receptions in MI are typically a few hours long in the evening with dancing after dinner. My shoes were fine until 1:00 AM when we were gathering centerpieces from tables (private purchases, not hall issue) and packing up the cars with gifts and personal belongings. I had slippers on for that part. :)

  10. Good luck! Congratulations to your son and his bride-to-be, how exciting for your family. :)

  11. no advice to offer than just be as loving and open to her as you are to everyone else in your life and you'll be set. ;) i am sure you will look fabulous. congrats!


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