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Wednesday, June 8, 2011


I live in a very safe quiet neighborhood. And yet ...

A few days ago I was heading out the door to spend quality time with my knitting group. The day was sunny and comfortable ... and I was "free" to be with my friends. All was right with the world.

Except ... someone decided to "take a tour of the inside of my car" over night. When I opened to door, the inside of my car looked like this ...

I stood there for a few minutes trying to process what I saw. Could I have left the car like this? Did my husband enter the car looking for something?

Stupid thoughts, of course, but an effort to put some kind of logic to what eyes were seeing.

Thankfully the car wasn't damaged. We must of left if unlocked over night - something we never do. And we never keep anything in the car - just papers and stuff. I did have some music in the car, and my husband commented: "Guess they didn't like your taste in music 'cause everything is here." :-)

Apparently there has been a rash of this kind of "crime of convenience" ... all occured when the car was unlocked. Some people have lost GPS equipment, cell phones, iPods and stuff. We escaped that consequence because we don't keep anything of value in the car.

We were lucky. No damage, nothing missing, and the car was still parked in the lot.

But it is an invasion of a type. It is also a disappointment that our lovely neighborhood is not exempt from this kind of thing, and a lesson - never leave the car door or front door of your house unlocked.


  1. Yup....had the same thing happen a few years ago..Rhonda and Wanda Honda were violated. For weeks afterward I kept looking over my shoulder in the back seat. Creepy.

  2. Oh that is awful. At least you didn't leave anything out in the car.
    I'm so so glad that I have a garage to keep my car in.

  3. Isn't that amazing that someone knew to check it - I mean what - do people wait and just go thru cars at night or what. I am glad you are safe and your car. sandie

  4. Sorry to hear this happened to you. Unfortunately a sign of the times.

  5. Sorry that this happened, but glad that nothing of value was damaged or stolen. Hopefully these people will be caught...

  6. From Widow in the Middle - I am so amazed that people have the nerve to take what is not theirs and what they haven't earned. Here is Chicagoland we are having a rash of flash mob crimes where a group of 10 or more will rush at a person to rob them of their phones, lap tops, purses, etc. Another one was today. I left my window open a crack some weeks back and the police left me a note to remember to roll it up so I wouldn't attract a thief.

  7. So glad you are safe! I have gotten behind in my blog reading!


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