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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Camera boo-boo

My camera (purchased in December 2010) is being repaired.

Upside: The repair is covered under warrantee. Apparently the retractable lens that doesn't retract is a common problem with these smaller cameras. And, as luck would have it, we HAD purchased additional repair coverage back in December!! We didn't remember and we didn't have any paperwork, but Best Buys had it in their system. Yeah for Best Buys!!

So the camera is on its way to the camera-hospital to get fixed!!!

Downside: It should take 3 weeks before it comes back.

I sure do miss it.


  1. Too bad they don't have loaners for the camera addicted among us. I wanted to get mine cleaned and overhauled until I heard how long I would have to be without it. Yikes!!

  2. Sorry that your camera broke, but at least it's getting fixed for free, not like some of your other recent repairs.
    Old pictures are the best! I was reading somewhere, that we should think about all the digital pictures we take now -- will they be saved like old albums, or just lost over time in various family members old computers? It made me want to put some albums together.

  3. Unfortunately, Best Buy sends EVERYTHING out for repair. My laptop was shipped to Tennessee, I think when the hard drive crashed. It took 3 weeks also. In the meantime, if your cellphone has a camera, that might do in a pinch?


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