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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Mega Discovery!! And a great award!

I have discovered a technique for getting cool stuff - just ask!

Well, maybe not ask!

More like beg! More like jump up and down, wave arms in the air, say please, please, please, please, (in a whiny voice), and finally just be so obviously needy for approval, that they take pity on you and do what you ask.

No matter! The technique works and I am gloriously happy!

See, one of my blog friends at The Feathered Nest gives out an award called "The Cat's A**"(and yes, that is a cat's rear end). Isn't that just the greatest title!?!? She was giving this award out to some of her blog friends. I saw it. Immediately I knew this was something I coveted! (I think coveting is a no-no in the Ten Commandments - need to look it up - later.)

Anyway, after I totally prostrated myself, (it looked alittle like this) she gave me the award!!!

Really, folks. This technique works!

Anyway, there are two requirements:
  • I have to blog on how humor has impacted my life.
  • Pass the award onto another deserving blogger.
I most certainly will do that in a separate post.

My heart-felt thanks to The Feathered Nest for this award!

(Really, folks. Do not underestimate the power of begging.)



  1. I always think if the worse thing that can happen is you get a no - why not ask! Congratulations!
    Oh, and I keep meaning to say how I like the pictures at the top of your blog!

  2. That looks more like heat prostration to me... and yes, coveting is a definite no no...but...too late now.

  3. It can't be heat! My hair is short now!!!

  4. Congrats on your (begging) award)! We all do what we have to in our process to achieve what we want, right? :)


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