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Sunday, July 3, 2011

This rant and That rant

  • Its a Dog Weekend ... no time to post on the blog, write my thoughts, compose my thoughts, create a thought, go to the bathroom ...
  • Sleep deprived from Friday night ... Milo was on the alert all night for bad guys, and absolutely anyone else within 5 feet of his sleeping (or rather non-sleeping) mom. Snarling sounds work better than any alarm clock - if you are inclined to set your alarm clock at 10:00 pm, 12:30 am, 2:00 am, and 4:30 am. He was his cheery self in the morning. No one else was cheery!
  • We had our deck stained ... yeah! The tarp the painters threw over our air conditioner (to protect it), overheated it, causing it to shut off. I just love having conversations with contractors where I need to tell them that I am withholding full payment until I am sure my air conditioner is alright! They are such sunny, bright, and friendly conversations ... NOT!
  • My GI reflux is giving me fits! My doctor's appointment is Wednesday. A discussion of my eating habits, weight loss, or the stress in my life will be off limits. I want drugs!! I won't give up my daily glass of red wine, I am in Weight Watchers, and I can't give up my mom. Thank God I know this doctor very well, and we are long time friends. He will understand when I hand him his prescription pad and say "write".
  • I said I wouldn't blog about this ... but I lost 1.8 pounds last week. Good, but what about the 10 pounds I had hoped for in the first week of this program!?!? *sigh* (No, I won't give up my daily glass of red wine. Yes, they are empty calories. I have given up potato chips, french fries, cake with lardy icing, snickers, moon pies ... the red wine stays!)
There ... I feel much better.


  1. The red wine makes giving up all the rest of the stuff much easier; don't you think? One does need to feel pampered, after all. Congrats on the loss. Slow is good; fast drop, not so good. Red wine is the solution. Have a happy Fourth (if you wear a blue-and-white outfit and have a glass of red wine, you're patriotic!) and come visit when you can.

  2. You tell him girl!! Doctors may know what will prolong our life but WE know what we need.

  3. On no sleep I can be brutal. By Wednesday, I will be human again and more of whimp!

    Still ... the red wine stays!!

  4. Way to go! Any weight loss is great. And I have acid reflux - and there are a lot of over the counter meds now. Good luck.

    Happy 4th.

  5. good for the 1.8 pounds gone! I heard a glass of red wine is only 4 points (so my SIL tells me who is doing WW). I wouldn't give it up either and besides red wine is supposed to be good for the heart!

    does sound like it hasn't been a good weekend so far; let's hope the rest of it is a bit better!

    Happy Fourth of July!


  6. Nothing beats a good rant! You go girl. Congrats on the weight loss. I shan't give up my red wine either. My doc says it's good for my heart.

  7. Everyone needs a good rant!
    Any weight loss is good weight loss. And you are lucky to have a doctor that understands. I have the same kind of doc. He was also my mom's doctor so he always understood what I was going through.
    I started drinking an almost daily glass of wine after my mother moved into the nursing home. It was difficult all the way around and she wasn't always...nice. One afternoon, I came home and was pouring a rather large glass of wine when my husband walked in. He watched me and asked, "Not such a good visit with your mom today?" We understood the dementia, but that didn't always make it easy to bear...the wine helped though.

  8. A glass of wine is a good thing (as is any wt loss)! Persistence! (with the wine and the wt loss!)

  9. With all that you are going through, you are entitled to rant! Hope your doctor is able to prescribe something to help with the reflux. Prilosec works wonders for me and you don't need a prescription. Julie


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