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Thursday, July 28, 2011

The Geek Squad has spoken!

So here is the update I received by email on my camera from the Geek Squad!

Your product is in the hands of Geek Squad®, getting the care and attention it needs. We are working diligently to complete the job as quickly as possible – no action on your part is necessary. We'll contact you as soon as the product is complete and ready for pickup.

We're on it. Things will be better soon.

Geek Squad
"Things will be better soon."

How do they know I am having adjustment problems?!?! Is there no privacy in this world anymore or am I just paranoid? (Rhetorical question - no need to respond.)


The absence of my camera has been interesting. I have had my moments of dismay at not having my camera. For example:
  • My daughter and I went bridal dress shopping with my future daughter-in-law. I would have loved to share that with you. I wouldn't show the dress she picked, of course, but maybe just tease you with pictures of the lace and stuff. It was a fun time and I am very upset about my lack of pictures. I may share our adventure without pictures, but pictures make it so much better.
  • My grand-dogs have been extra extra special cute. I know they are just teasing me because Grandma isn't pointing the "flashy box" thingy at them all the time now. Don't get used to it boys ... the camera "will be back."
  • I finally get out to dinner with friends and my husband (you know, pretending to be a grown up and "playing" with adults without my mom), and I don't have my camera. *sigh*
On the upside, I have totally enjoyed selecting the older pictures and reminiscing. Don't get me wrong or anything, but I was damn cute!!! I got less cute as I got older. It is tough to peak at age 7 in your looks. Its all downhill from there. :-)

But I am eager to share some other stuff I have uncovered and remembered. I have my high school years coming up - who doesn't have something interesting to share about that time. I plan to share some of my wedding pictures too - memories of that day. And, of course, a bit of my time as a young wife and mother.

You know, people always complain about growing older. That is just plain wrong, wrong, wrong!!

Think on it ... all the life you would have missed if you hadn't grown older and had the time to experience life. I remind mom of that fact frequently when she gets frustrated with her ill health. She has lived to 85 (so far), and Dad died in his 50s. Think of all the things he missed! I know for a fact that he wanted a son, so missing out on his grandson was a HUGE loss!

I celebrate every year I have lived - grateful, grateful, grateful.

And bring on more years!!!

I am really looking forward to moving through the past years with you while we wait for my camera to return - like in 12 days, but who is counting!!!

Not me.


  1. Maybe losing your camera for a few days is a gift in you have to use words to fill in what the camera was doing for you. Dear God please let that never happen to me!!

  2. Wedding dress shopping! I bet you all had a great time. Did she actually get THE dress?

  3. Sounds like you've been busy!
    Half the time I forget my camera and then, when I do have it, my family fears that they'll end up in a blog post!

  4. Man I know it must be hard on you!

    To tell you the truth - I didn't even know they fixed cameras!

  5. Linda: yes, she did get THE dress!! :-)

    Chatty Crone: yes they do fix cameras, especially cameras under warrentee (bought the camera in December 2010) and cameras where you bought extra coverage - which I did.

  6. oh wedding dress shopping is always fun! we'll just have to imagine the ones she tried on. :) i am looking forward to learning about the rest of your history. :)

  7. When I picked up my wedding dress I was accused of shop lifting!! : )

    Getting older would be better if your body didn't change so much!! : )

  8. Wedding dress shopping sounds like a lot of fun!
    I think that post card from the Geek Squad means that your camera moved from a waiting space to some Geek's work space. Maybe it will be back sooner that you thought!

  9. Just think of the pictures you'll be able to provide us with when your camera is fixed. I'm grateful for aging, although not exactly gracefully. It beats the alternative. I agree with Happyone, the body changes too much.


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