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Monday, July 25, 2011

Maryland - our first home was ...

... a motel room off Route 1 in College Park shown in this post card. Back then they called these motel rooms "cabins" or cottages. I think the term "motel" became more common later.

This place was called Haass' Haven. The back of the post card has this description: "On U.S Route 1, 10 miles North of the Nation's Capital. Modern Cabins, Shower or Bath in each. P.O. Address: 8419 Baltimore Avenue, Berwyn, Maryland. Phone Tower 6691. Mr. and Mrs. Carl Haass, Owners." Too funny. Shower or Bath in each ... I guess not too long ago there were outhouses.

In my mind, the area seemed very green and lovely ... almost country, and maybe in the 1950s Route 1 was mostly green. Of course, I was coming from New York City, even alittle grass was "very green" to me. The motel I think stands today but is seedy looking as you would expect after 60 years. That whole area is now built up with uncontrolled and random development.
We came to Maryland in the summer. This picture was taken in July 1951. I was 4 years old. I don't think we made a permanent move to Maryland until I was almost 6, but the details of that time are spotty. It must have been warm because I remember the heat and humidity (probably hotter than New York) and in this picture I am in a sun dress. I also remember a small plastic pool Mom had for me to cool off in outside while we lived in the motel. No air conditioning then.

Later we moved to a second floor apartment in a large brick development. We never lived in our own home, always in apartments or rental units. More on our apartment living next time.

15 days until my camera comes home, but who is counting!


  1. I love to read about other people's early years.
    1951...ah, those were the days....

  2. I'm counting down with you to get your camera back. I'm counting down as well to get full internet service back. It takes me half an hour to do what used to take two minutes.

  3. As much as I'm happy you'll be getting your camera back, I so enjoy these old photos and stories.

  4. I am enjoying your old pictures (a lot) but I know how you must miss your camera. Blogging without it must be like a whole new experience.

  5. Don't get mad at me, hope your camera repair is delayed. I'm enjoying your throw back, good old days pictures and stories!

  6. So you weren't in NYC for very long. that must have been tough not having a permanent place while you were growing up. but i could see it being an adventure too.


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