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Wednesday, July 6, 2011


Today I went to my hair dresser and said "cut it off", and she did!

I have been wearing my air longish (long enough to tuck behind my ears) for a few years. But it was driving me nuts!! Too hot!! So back to the style I wore about 5 years ago. Very short, very cool, very easy. Mom loves it. She said she didn't recognize me when I came up the side walk. And I felt 10 pounds lighter.

Saw the doctor today for my GI reflux. Nice man. A friend. He said I could take Omeprazole for reflux continuously if it helps. It did work while I was using it, so I will. He went down the list of causes and things to avoid. When he hit coffee, I told him to stop! Coffee stays! Then he mentioned stress! Another bump in the road. Sorry, but no way to avoid stress right now. So I am hoping the pills do the trick! He was happy my weight was down 5 pounds since my last visit. Me too.

I also just had to steam clean my rugs on the first floor of my town house this evening. Yes, I started at 8:30 pm and finished at 10:00 pm. Then I was so pumped up I vacuumed the upstairs - bedroom level. Mom was in bed, but she had her hear hearing aids out for the night so it didn't disturb her, and my husband was totally oblivious. He just kept working on his cross word puzzle while laying on the bed in his underwear! I was a vacuuming fool. He knew better than to question me. :-)

Now I am writing my blog entry, just because I need to ...

Restless, that is all I can say.


  1. Would love to see a picture of your hair!

  2. I echo Chatty Crone - PICTURES please! Sounds like your restlessness resulted in a lot accomplished!

  3. Hope the new medication helps. Glad you have a lighter hairstyle to lighten your load a little! Stop vacuuming and get some rest! Oh I almost forgot you love your Dyson! Julie

  4. Sounds like you put your restlessness to good use. Just don't overdo it in this heat. As for the reflux thing.....there is not much you can do about stress but if giving up coffee would help maybe you could at least consider cutting back?? I only get the reflux thing if I eat and then lay down too soon. That was easy to fix.

  5. I will post a picture with my next post.

    And as for cutting down my coffee, I guess I can do that, but I will try a few other things first ... like the pills, no snacking before bedtime - which I really like to have a bit of something, find a way to raise my head when sleeping, stop coffee after say 2:00 in the afternoon ... stuff like that.

    I so love coffee and giving it up makes for a very very grumpy, stumbly, forgetful, slug-like person in the morning! My husband already lives with alot, having his mother-in-law here - if his wife should figuratively "disappear" for about 3 hours every morning, I don't know what he would do.


  6. OMG I can't keep up with you today. You are doing a "mega" catch up today. Listen my dear, you head on over to that post of mine and pick up your "cats ass" award. You will need to do a post about how humour (cdn spelling) has impacted your life and then pass the blog on to one other blogger that you feel deserves to receive a "cats ass". Who doesn't want one of these displayed proudly on their blog?

  7. I love "chop it" hair salon visits. :)

    Also the new blog format!

    I hear you on the coffee. Maybe switching brands or sticking with a light roast will help. :(

  8. Well gosh, I was feeling productive today until I read what all you've done.

    I'm with you on the coffee issue. Even though I now drink decaf or half-caff, I need that cup of java to greet the day.

    Your new layout is lovely.


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