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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Distance Memories

How far back can you remember? Sorting through the pictures of my distant past I am sometimes surprised.

For example, I don't remember this picture (1947) - no surprise there! I would assume only geniuses or savants would remember anything prior to their first birthday.

I don't remember this picture (1948) either - too young, but the woman is my Aunt Phebe who I blogged about previously. She is just as I remember her - a beautiful, warm and loving person.

I remember a small bit of this picture (1950) at 3 years old. The photographer had placed my hands just so on the fake board. I remember him messing with my fingers and being asked to hold that position. I also remember my mom put my hair in pin curls to make it look like that.
No memories of this picture (1950) - with Santa holding a Candy Cane just out of reach! I'd like to see him try that now!!

Pictures can prompt memories further back than you might suspect. I am so glad to find these pictures tucked away with mom's stuff.

It also prompted the desire to print out some hard copies of pictures that I now have saved on my computer. Years and years from now, would someone have access to my electronic copies if they were curious?


In so many ways photo albums seem like a thing of the past, but so much past would be lost if electronic copies are lost or technology changes or fails. I have stored many pictures in the last 10 years on my computer. Time to print out some hard copies for future albums.


  1. You are absolutely right. Those old photo albums were invaluable. I have hundreds of photos from the past three years stored on the computer and one day they will be wiped out and lost forever. One thing I have done is a sort of album for the digital photo frame. The problem is, of course, that those paper albums are bulky and need a lot of storage space. What to do, what to do!!

  2. I've been at a loss about what to do with pictures. And the funny thing is that, when we had regular cameras and had to have pictures developed, I would write on the back and at least file it in a photo box. Now, they're all in files on my computer and I rarely make hard copies. I'm trying to decide what to do and they just keep "piling up" on my computer!

  3. The picture of you when you were 3 I could have picked out from among many as you!
    I can remember being as young as three.
    It's something how a picture can bring back a memory that you forgot you had.

  4. I love that one of you and Santa. You've got a look on your face that shows how determined you are to get that candy cane! Goodness, I hadn't even thought of that-the possibility of someone not being able to get their hands on my electronic copies of photos. With the digital age has come a lot of laziness. When everyone had regular cameras, we had to get them developed. I, too, am guilty of storing them on a computer/cds.


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