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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Now we are 4!

Early years as a Maryland resident included some pretty large events for a 7 year old child.
  • My sister was born in 1954. I remember mom waving to me from the hospital window after my sister was born - children visitors were not allowed. I clearly remember my first view of my sister. Sitting in the back seat of our car at the hospital entrance, Mom got into the front seat with my sister in her arms. I leaned over mom's shoulder asking to see the baby. The blanket was pulled away and the largest dark brown eyes I'd ever seen were staring back at me. She had dark hair and an olive complexion. She definitely favored dad from her earliest days.
  • I began first grade - for the second time! In New York City they let students enter first grade mid-year - for me in January. In September Maryland wouldn't recognize a half year of first grade. I was never a great student in grade school, so it was probably a good choice. If I had started second grade, I would have been so much younger than everyone else and I would have been missing some basic skills.
  • I developed my first neighborhood friendships - one of which has lasted my life time.
Here is a picture of me on a swing in the playground right outside our bedroom windows. The building is located right behind me. The playground was a magnet for all the neighborhood children. And I imagine it was great for mom. She could look right outside the bedroom windows to check on me. I love this picture because it shows me pretty well decked out in my dress coat and purse. I love the purse!! I wonder what I had in it. I have no memory of ever being dressed up but obviously I did.

Countdown clock: 14 days!


  1. In those days we were dressed as little adults...

  2. I remember taking a purse to church when I was little and not knowing what to put in it. I used to put a lot of hankies in mine. : )

  3. black patent-leather sandals
    white anklet socks
    sheer white gloves
    a coin in my purse or in my palm inside the glove

  4. I am so enjoying your posts! More great pictures!

  5. I am the older sister too. Mom and Dad brought my sister home from the hospital. That's where everyone goes to get babies is the hospital.

  6. i think that is awesome that you made a life long friend. :)


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