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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The Sisters and The Charmer

I guess I should have posted these pictures first because they pre-date my birth. I just found them in a stack and they are favorites of mine. The one above is my mom with her sister during the 1930s. Mom on the right is probably about 12 years of age. Her sister was about 5 years old. They were very close growing up and they continued to be so even to this day. And mom's sister is my favorite Aunt.

Mom remembers being thrilled when her sister was born. She spent alot of time caring for her baby sister. Once mom described her sister's birth as something of a gift for her - someone born just for her. It sounds like a thought a 7 year old would have - but I understand the sentiment behind it. I used to think that their close relationship wasn't such a big deal. But life sometimes teaches you differently - it really is a big deal - a remarkable gift, actually.

Below is a favorite picture of my dad at age 29 in 1946. Some people are blessed with a young look all their lives. Dad was one of those people. This picture was taken the same year my parents wed. From other pictures and from the rare movie footage we have, Dad was a handsome young man. His dark hair, charming looks and demeanor were passed down to my sister and her 2 girls.

The one regret I have for my dad is that he didn't live long enough to meet any of his grandchildren. The choices he made in his life sadly shortened his life. He missed so much.


  1. Oh - I love these vintage photos - we have some also of my parents and I think they are priceless.

    Sorry about your camera mishap - I would be lost without mine too!

    (it is so HOT here our windows are steamed up - miserable!!)


  2. You mother is so pretty and dad handsome!

  3. I had never seen the one of your mom and her sister - love it!

  4. When my camera broke Ken gave me his until I got me new one! : )
    Love seeing the old photos.
    Happy picture of your mom and her sister. Yes, they are blessed to have remained close all their lives. So many sisters don't and it seems so sad.

  5. Love the old pictures. I too had a younger sister, 9 years younger, who was born just for me. Unfortunately, I lost her to Cancer ten years ago, she was 36 years old when she passed. I miss her every day, she's in my heart. Sisters have a bond. Your Dad was very young and handsome!

  6. Crazy! When I saw the picture I first thought Aunt Carol was you and then I thought she was me!!!

  7. the bond between sisters is definitely strong. :)


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