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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Drum Roll for The Hair

The hair cut!
Notice how artfully I placed the camera in the shot right where my double chins are!
Am I good or what!

It was amazing to turn around in the salon chair and find about 3 inches of hair on the floor.

I wore my hair in exactly this style - maybe a smidge longer - for probably 20 years. And then I got this "great" idea that longer would be better. But longer was more work, always in my face, showed my gray hairs more (they were longer, as well), and made me hot, hot, hot! (And not in a good way, either.) When I was overheated (like from vacuuming), it clung wetly to my face and neck and kept me warm and wet. Next time I think longer is better, I will write down my reasons so I can check back when I am using hair pins and head bands to keep the darn stuff out of my way.
I thought this last shot was interesting. I have a point and shoot camera. It automatically decides when I need the flash and when I don't. I like it that way. But for some of the pictures it flashed creating this interesting picture ... sort of like me shooting a ball of light at the viewer. Actually, upon really looking at this picture, it muted out the wrinkles too.

Maybe the camera does know what it is doing. :-)

Anyway, I wonder how much weight I left behind at the salon. What else I can cut off before I stand on the Weight Watcher's scale on Saturday morning. :-)

Just kidding.

(Maybe I will trim my nails and pluck some eyebrow hairs.)


  1. Lovin' the hair cut, makes you look young. That last shot makes you look like you were visiting Disney world (mouse ears). Cute.

  2. I love it! I wish I could wear my hair like that, but my head is too big and round. I have tried, not a good look. Looks very good on you though! :-)

  3. Love the new do! Take it easy on yourself. You've got plenty Saturdays ahead of you to lose the weight, a year right?

  4. I like your haircut!! looks great! I have thick hair and when it gets hot with the weather and it is on my neck,it drives me crazy, so I keep it short too!!

    I'm sure your weighing in will go great!


  5. I really like your hair!! Very nice and I think it makes you look younger.


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